I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

we joke but this is an actual thing


Don’t forget green blacks, blue blacks, purple blacks, that weird grey/black bullshit…

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 07:46am
think the reason I don’t really get along with “guys”…

is because I just don’t get good vibes from most of them.
I just genuinely mostly get (what I feel is) aggressive vibes from them.
If there’s one thing I do NOT handle well it’s aggression.
They usually find me as a threat (I guess?) and usually try to bring me down.

For some reason most of them seem to think that that is how “men” are supposed to be like (at least here, in this super macho culture).

They go to such great lengths to try and prove their ‘masculinity” all the time instead of just being themselves and living their lives.
Most females are VERY different in that. That’s what I experienced all of my life, That’s the reason I hardly get along with “guys”.

This becomes even more of a problem considering the fact  that I’m not attracted to females.

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 04:56am



Why does it take actual effort to sound calm and normal during phone calls.

omg this

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 05:37pm
So I just changed my relationship status on Facebook to “Engaged to Lucy Ekel”.

We are both seriously peeing ourselves laughing right now.

Why didn’t I think about this before?!
Funniest thing ever!

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 05:29pm
Do you know the feeling that the person you’re talking to is not quite right in the head?

But the thing is - they’re not crazy! They don’t seem to really have a mental disability, they don’t seem to be autistic in any level… You just can’t put your finger on what’s wrong with them, but something’s definitely is.

So today I came to a conclusion that, although I do not want to say that about some people because they’re somewhat close to me, sometimes those people are JUST FREAKING STUPID!
It’s just plain stupidity.
They’re dumb.

I’m not used to having unintelligent people in my life, so I just didn’t see it before (or didn’t want to see it) but… Sometimes they’re not crazy. Just flat out dumb.
They just don’t get it. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ll explain. They don’t get it because they’re not intelligent enough. Their mind can’t grasp the idea you’re trying to explain. They’re just dumb.

Stupidity is a thing.

No need to thank me.

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 04:58pm
Just as I started to recover from this and anxiety levels went down - Missiles again! Great! Tuesday Aug 8 @ 04:52pm

strictly nature


strictly nature
Monday Aug 8 @ 11:24am
I’m so awkward…

While making healthy vegan oatmeal cookies I ponder whether or not they’ll turn up moist enough and say, in my head:
“I did add some water too though” then start uncontrollably laughing because of the unintended pun…

Sunday Aug 8 @ 05:55pm

Exactly this…

Sunday Aug 8 @ 04:29pm
Sunday Aug 8 @ 02:37pm
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