my life became 600% better when i started acting like a self obsessed piece of shit like 10/10 would recommend

even if u don’t actually genuinely love yourself its fuckin fun to act like you think you’re the human embodiment of perfection go on try it life’s too short to not fall in love with yourself

Lately this is literally how I feel I should act.
Especially in this country, it kinda seems impossible to survive not acting like this.

Monday Sep 9 @ 09:41am


Here are some quick pictures I took of the completed bronze. Now it’s headed off to the Museum of American Illustration in New York City. It will be there as part of their Spectrum show. This was one of about seven sculptures selected for the exhibit from the last five years of the Spectrum art annual.

Monday Sep 9 @ 07:32am
Monday Sep 9 @ 07:26am


“you can’t wear that!!!! people will get the wrong impression!!!”

the impression that i am a hot babe with an ass that just won’t quit???? honey that ain’t wrong that’s just fact

Monday Sep 9 @ 07:07am

corsetsandneedles said: I think you're absolutely gorgeous

Thank you dear!

Sunday Aug 8 @ 06:21pm

Anonymous said: Are you Rhesus negative?


Sunday Aug 8 @ 01:04pm

Anonymous said: Go blonde


Sunday Aug 8 @ 11:50am

Is this day a punishment for actually having a good mood for 2 days?

Sunday Aug 8 @ 06:16am




Leaf bug (Phyllium giganteum)

The constant wobbling as they move is a part of their disguise, making it seem as though the “leaf” is only moving because of a light breeze.

If you blow on one it will also shake around in the hopes of matching any actual surrounding leaves

this is a pokemon

Aww a dancing pokemon!

Sunday Aug 8 @ 05:01am
What a great day…

Had a stye (?) in one eye for the last two days. Yesterday it changed to another place in the same eye. Put garlic on it (which usually really helps me), wake up today -I now have it in both eyes.
Then I ate too much and am sick today anyway, so I wanna throw up…
On my way to work (40 minutes late of course…) my bag decides to rip apart in the middle of my way to the bus.
All this in 2.5 hours. I wonder what else is gonna happen today.

Sunday Aug 8 @ 05:00am
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