Think I’m gonna make tomorrow (after I finish work) a cooking day.
For some reason I’m really into food lately again. I’m constantly thinking about awesome fruits and what I’m going to eat next.

So tomorrow shall be a glorious cooking day!
Hopefully my body will react decently :P

Thursday Apr 4 @ 04:43pm

"God has hands, he is touching me right now".


"God has hands, he is touching me right now".

Thursday Apr 4 @ 04:06pm


The difference between abuse & neglect and genuine love for a child that may be trans.

Thursday Apr 4 @ 04:06pm

But still I am.


But still I am.

Thursday Apr 4 @ 04:05pm


Another one behind the scenes of yesterday’s photoshoot with Lucy.

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 05:51pm
So… I’m looking for a nice shoulder piece/armor…

Something nice, dark, that isn’t too expensive and is NOT made from real leather or anything derived from animals.

Anyone has any suggestions by any chance?

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 01:41pm

pinkhairedprufrockian asked: I started watching your videos on Youtube and you are so lovely. I love listening to your accent. everything you do you seem to do extremely well with!

Oh thank you so much!
I don’t think that I do everything so well, as my covers really aren’t even close to what I can do and it bothers me a bit, but it’s OK hehe

Thank you though!

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 12:27pm

Anonymous asked: You take my breath away.... your over all being and spirit electrify my being that i can't seem to shake off...

Thank you so much dear! Really!
Had a rough couple of days but this made me feel better! <3

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 03:57am

Anonymous asked: Maybe your followers regard you as a sex object. Think of a hungry cat in a garden, does she want to listen to the bird's beautiful song? Or does she want to eat the bird?

I get that. I totally do.
I am, however, much more than how I look.
That is the most insignificant part of my being.
I’m glad to say that I’m a complete individual and that I’m worth so much more than just that. I have so much more to offer to the world.

So yeah - I get it. And it’s OK.
I’m not saying everyone should watch me sing or do any other sort of art. Just wondering where the appreciation to art has gone, and I’m not talking solely on mine.

Thankfully I do have quite a few followers and “”“”“”“”“fans”“”“”“”“” (I hate that word) that do appreciate that, and I’m grateful for it.

I mean - hell! Even on what you see - I make my own clothes, I do my own makeup, my own hair (including cutting it), my own editing to all of the pictures.
Besides that I sing, write songs and poems, produce, film videos, edit my own videos and SO many more things. I basically do everything but sculpt, paint and dance (and to be honest I do all of those too every once in a while, just don’t consider myself “good” at it. Just for fun).

Look behind my appearance. I am my own person.

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 03:56am
Post something meaningful or your art on Tumblr - zero notes. Post a crappy quality picture of you shirtless - 500 notes in a day. ‘Cause fuck logic. Tuesday Apr 4 @ 07:39pm
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