I’m the only person I know that actually works out even when he’s sick. I’m weird. Saturday Sep 9 @ 12:06pm



Why is this not taught universally.

Damn that is good.

Saturday Sep 9 @ 08:43am

Saturday Sep 9 @ 08:42am

Anonymous said: I *so* agree with your on your opinion of rock stars. If you would you be famous enough to choose your own type of music video, what would your music video look like?

Glad someone does! Hehe

And well… I’d probably film in a forest with a lake and maybe an abandoned house/some kind of castle (from the 18th century, not contemporary).
I have neither of those here but that’s what I’d like to do.

I’d probably have a story to all of that…
I haven’t REALLY thought it through though.

Saturday Sep 9 @ 07:30am

Seeing videos of all those “rockstars” getting drunk, having girls all over them, fighting and acting “badass”.
Is that supposed to be seen as “cool” or something?
'Cause for me that is the definition of pathetic. Wasting your life on nothing and caring for nothing.

I just don’t see why that is seen as a “cool” or good thing to some to the point where so many bands make these videos or even worse - live this life.

If I saw them rescuing kittens, for example - now THAT would be awesome and badass.

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:47pm
Living in a world in which kindness and compassion are actually looked down upon… What am I doing here? Friday Sep 9 @ 08:39pm


FINALLY uploaded the video from my trip to Germany for the Wave Gotik Treffen!

Once I finish this semester at school in 2 weeks I shall have many more videos up (tutorials, covers,vlog and anything else I can think about).

My Tumblr
My YouTube
My Facebook

Thank you Lucy for putting up with me and filming everything hehe
Lucy’s links:

Love you all! <3

Friday Sep 9 @ 03:34pm

Anonymous said: I would have loved to force fed you alot of alcohol at WGT ;) you know who i am ;-)

Hmm… You wouldn’t be able to… And no I don’t.

Friday Sep 9 @ 03:32pm

Anonymous said: Was it hard to be a non-drinker during WGT? Because it seems like most people drink heavily during festivals. Was it hard for you being around all of that and being sober?

It’s never hard for me since I never drink hehe
I’m used to these situations.
My friends don’t drink either, or don’t drink a lot, at least not next to me (in general I can’t stand being next to people who are drunk, being next to people as they’re smoking drugs or next to people while they smoke).

I do get, however, the side of socializing in drinking (and smoking too).
I mean… Someone wants to go out to a bar, but you don’t drink…. It takes away one common thing you’d probably have.
I’m totally OK with that though.

If someone has a problem with me not drinking and can’t just tell me they want to hang out instead of “getting a drink”… I frankly don’t care and am very happy to not hang out with them ever.

Same goes for smoking.

And specifically about the festival - I don’t really see why it could be hard except for what I wrote?

What was a REAL problem for me was the smoking.
EVERYONE were smoking and it drove me crazy. I just can’t be around that so much.
My body reacts really bad to smoke - my stomach bloats, my throat closes up and starts to hurt and I get headaches. If it’s just one person smoking for a few minutes I’m OK… But when it’s more than that I can’t handle it.

So… In short: no, because I’m used to it, but I’m not exactly comfortable being next to people who are drunk/high or smoking with me next to them.

Friday Sep 9 @ 02:50pm


here’s a tip

if someone says they don’t drink, they don’t fucking drink

respect it

Friday Sep 9 @ 02:19pm
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