Anonymous said: I don't know why reading that fruits are carbs is making me tear up. I eat like the fat guy I am anyway

Carbs are good for you!
As long as you stick to complex carbs, don’t eat sugar but only whole fruits, there really shouldn’t be much problem.
Don’t worry hun!
If you need any advice - I’m here!

Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:49am

lolispit said: you're a goth god!!

I’m not a “goth” nor do “gods” exist but thank you hehe

Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:23am

deadlittlegxrl said: I can see you worked pretty hard to look the way you do. I'm sure many people can agree you aren't hard to look at. You should be proud of yourself just for that, and hopefully you'll find confidence knowing you're a good looking individual

It’s an ongoing struggle with my stupid body >_>
I do think I look good… I just genuinely don’t like how my body looks right now… There was a short time I WAS happy with it, but somehow it took a turn for the worse…

But thank you dear. Really.

Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:20am

Anonymous said: I want you to fuck my corpse unf

I’ll… Pass…
But thank you for the kind offer (?)

Thursday Jul 7 @ 03:19am

undeadsakurasouls said: Why are you so cute

Because… I’m not? :O
But thank you hehehe :)

Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:39am

rettloe said: Would you ever do a nude photo shoot? (obviously tasteful) I think you could pull it off really well.

If I’m not covered at all… Probably not.
I don’t want to say a definite “no” because who knows? I’m ever changing.
But I seriously doubt it.
I’m not comfortable enough with my body to do something like that.
And… I’m rather shy when it comes to it.

So - complete nudity - probably not.
Hinted nudity - perhaps… Really depends what and if I feel comfortable with the photographer and myself at the time (right now I don’t).

There goes my porn star career! :P

Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:39am

Anonymous said: If you don't eat carbs or sugar (I mean don't eat candy but all the fruits you want), then you'll get toned and most likely lose weight.

Carbs are most I eat (only complex though). I don’t eat sugar at all, only fruit sugar in the form of whole fruits :)
Fruits ARE carbs too by the way.
You really shouldn’t be afraid of them. That’s the only thing I eat pretty freely.

So I’m already eating like you said hehe.

Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:36am

dominiqueuniquebeauty said: Every time i see you and see that you don't care what people think gives me hope that one day i can be like that. I'm 17 years old and there are still times that i am insecure about myself and who i am, but seeing you and how you love who you are helps me love you i am. ^_^

Aww I’m so glad I can inspire you hun!
I know how hard it is, but if you do it in stages (each time add something or do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, then after getting used to it - both you and the people around you - add more), it’ll be a lot easier for you!

Love yourself, you’re worth it!

Thursday Jul 7 @ 02:33am

In an abandoned warehouse during WGT,Very different from my usual shoots. I love it though.Makeup, hair, clothes, editing: Myself (Caligo Bastet)My TumblrMy YouTubeMy FacebookPhotographer: Lucy EkelTumblrFacebook<3


In an abandoned warehouse during WGT,
Very different from my usual shoots. I love it though.

Makeup, hair, clothes, editing: Myself (Caligo Bastet)

My Tumblr
My YouTube
My Facebook

Photographer: Lucy Ekel



Wednesday Jul 7 @ 05:08pm


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 04:07pm
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